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October 9th, 2004

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08:39 am - We Need Goats
I'm not talking about Nemi-mom falling any more. She's feeling much better, or at least faking it nicely.

Grumpus and Nemi-mom went outside and mowed the lawn. Unlike our last house, this place had no stairs but LOTS of grass. I approve of mowing the grass, since the squirrels can't hide from me in the grass any more. So, Grumpus got out and mowed the grass, and two of the neighbor ladies came and helped him. Nemi-mom is making them pies to say thank you. Gramma came home and was really happy with the way the yard looks. I like it too. The squirrels can't hide now.

That lawnmower is loud, though. We should get goats. Somehow, I don't think that Gramma will like that idea too much. The General would kill them or something.

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