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ALL MY FAULT! - Four on the Floor

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October 9th, 2004

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08:22 am - ALL MY FAULT!
I got all excited the other day about going to the vet and I forgot that Nemi-mom only has two feet and I have four and I got her legs all tangled up and she fell and was hurt! Gramma came out and sat with her while I had to go back inside and keep Grumpus and Bubba in line while the firemen came to help Nemi-mom! FIREMEN CAME!!! They came in a BIG truck with LIGHTS and SIRENS and there was FIVE of them just for my Nemi-mom. I think Gramma was laughing at Nemi-mom, but it wasn't funny, really. Nemi-mom came home all tired and groggy. Taoibhse and Bubba said it was all my fault. The General said puppies are useless any way. I feel bad, but Nemi-mom said she still loves me.

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